VIM syntax for JavaScript

This is my first VIM syntax file. Personaly, I think it is better than the Javascript syntax packaged with the VIMRUNTIME packages. Original version from Claudio Fleiner.
这是我制作的第一个 VIM syntax 文件, 其实也是在 Claudio Fleiner 原有的版本上改进而来的。自我感觉这个 syntax 比 VIM 发行版中自带的要好。:D 是不是有点自我吹捧了 xixi

It supports these lexcial elements in JavaScript: 可以识别的 JavaScript 语法类型:
  • String in "" or '';
  • Regex string
  • Number
  • Code comments in C/C++ style
  • TODO FIXME XXX TBD hightlight in the comments
  • JavaScript keywords
  • Global Ojbects: Array Boolean Date Error Function java JavaArray JavaClass JavaObject JavaPackage Math netscape Number Object Packages RegExp String
  • Bracket matches, including '{} [] ()'