Java GUI Effectives

Java gets widely usage on Server side, while the client technology is still evolution continuously. Since Java 5.0, more and more interesting GUI feature are added into the JVM. They are:
  • OpenGL-based render pipeline
    As you know, Swing renders all the widgets by itself, that's the reason why some case the Java GUI looks so strange. :) Previously on Microsoft Windows, the DirectDraw and Direct3D was the only choice. But now you can use OpenGL pipeline as well.
    It is disabled by default, but it can enabled by setting
  • Font Anti-Aliasing
    It is an important feature for the font anti-aliasing. Now it is possible for Java application to specify the Font Anti-Aliasing feature by itself with system property:

  • Metal and Nimbus Look and Feel
    Metal (from Java 5.0) and Nimbus (from Java 6.0u10) are available in standard JRE distribution.
Really hope Java could be better and better~~~